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Dir En Grey



Zu Zeiten der Pfanniwerke war das heutige Technikum die Ideenwerkstatt des Konzerns. Danach war das Technikum unter anderem Namen lange Zeit ein Club, bevor es 2014 als Konzert- und Eventlocation wiedereröffnete.

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Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Tickets: 47,60 €

Veranstalter: Harald Richter UG

Masters of the bizarre – the uncommon and the uncanny are returning to rock Europe – DIR EN GREY.
After shaking several countries to the core on last years’ “’TOUR18 –WEARING HUMAN SKIN”, fans likely did not even dare to hope for the rock-legends to return to Europe so soon; but the members of DIR EN GREY granted the unvoiced wish, returning to Europe to claim the stages once more only roughly a year after hitting several countries full force!
The band will be heading back to Europe with their “TOUR20 This Way to Self-Destruction” in January 2020 to prove one more time that they can go even harder, facing the stages and their fans head on with a selection of their energetic and powerful songs.
After all, there are so many masterpieces fans would love to hear and the audience got only a bit more than a glimpse on the full splendor of the latest album “The Insulated World” at last years’ tour as well – leaving everybody even more excited to see which songs are going to be played this time.

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